Crafting and “Maker” initiatives have become popular across the country.  “Maker Labs” give everyday people access to equipment such as 3D printers and other tools to create anything their imagination can develop.  Imagine having access to modern crafting as a child!

In Downtown Highland Park, we are fortunate to have Workshop HP, a community space where children (& adults!) can come together to craft.  The classes at Workshop HP are about “making stuff”, where one learns to persevere and develop grit.  A hybrid of crafting, technology and contemporary themes, Workshop HP classes empower kids to solve problems and develop creative confidence.

During Winter Break, rather than listen to “I’m Booooooooored!”, sign up your child for a drop-off class.  It’s a win-win for adult and child!  Crafting is shown to have a relaxation effect, giving kids a productive way to de-stress while learning and having fun.  Using imagination, experimenting, and creating – everyone is capable of crafting!

An added bonus are the holiday gifts at Workshop HP.  If you need a hostess gift or a gift for someone who has everything, Workshop HP gifts are unique treasures.  Gifts are locally sourced or are Global Goods Partners gifts, and feature beautiful handmade details and there are even craft kits for kids.

If you’re away for the Holidays, never fear!  Winter after-school classes start in January and typically last for 9 weeks.  Classes are for ages 7+ (though some may be slightly older) with a maximum of 12 students per class.

Check out the wonderful teachers at Workshop HP and experience Empowerment Through Craft!