Therapeutic Kneads recently celebrated their 20th Anniversary with a large crowd of clients and friends.  As an experienced business owner, Sandy Saldano knew the right time to bring enhanced technology to her clients.  Sandy has an in-depth understanding of their needs, and was ready to respond.

“For 20 years, we have been educating our clients about the effects of long-term, chronic pain or stress and how massage therapy can provide relief.  In the world of franchised, volume-based massage businesses, we pride ourselves on more client time and less volume in a team-based atmosphere so that we can provide high quality services and customer care.  It’s a great feeling to know that by helping our community feel better, one body at a time, that we continue to grow as a company,”  says Saldano.

But why an app?  What does an app bring to clients?  “Time is such an important commodity for our clients, so we created an app that will put their ‘kneads’ first by simply clicking a button to schedule an appointment, update their account, or purchase a gift card.  Being innovative ensures the health and longevity of our clients lives, as well as ours.” stated Sandy.  Our favorite part of the app is the “Scratch and win” screen where you can win prizes from Therapeutic Kneads.

Clients loved the innovation that Therapeutic Kneads has brought to improve their experience.  Many experimented with the mobile app at the Anniversary party to get a feel for it before the app went live.  Like the Downtown Highland Park mobile app, the Therapeutic Kneads free mobile app is now available in both the Apple Store and Google Play.

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