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According to an October 2017 CNN interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook, Cook states “Creativity is the goal. Coding is just to allow that. Creativity is in the front seat; technology is in the back seat.  It is sort of the blend with both of these that you can do such powerful things now.” In addition he says: “It’s the language that everyone needs, and not just for the computer scientists.  It’s for all of us.”

Coming soon to Downtown Highland Park, theCoderSchool is the first coding school of its kind in the Midwest. The Brown and Kreindler families are excited to open their first school on North Shore. According to Justin Brown, “In the next five years, coding will be as essential as learning a foreign language. theCoderSchool appealed to us as a way to teach kids of all levels how to code, and be able to create a family business where not only our children, but the whole community could benefit.” Justin’s wife Robin goes on to say: “It takes a village to raise a child, and as a mom, we want to do all we can to prepare our children for the future. Coding is the future and that is why we’re so excited to bring this opportunity to our local community.”

There are multiple programs that will be offered for students at theCoderSchool. The first is the 2:1 Code Coaching, which uses an incredibly small student-teacher ratio to provide students with focused attention and customization.  The Code Coaching adapts organically over time to promote continuous learning and engagement. In addition, classes are offered for kids ages 6-10 with a 8:1 ratio, Code Camps, and a Premium Coaching option with a Coder Fair presentation every 3-4 months.

Chad and Karen Kreindler, the other half of the owner-team have experience in EdTech and with the Glencoe School District. Both look forward to bringing the value of personalized learning and customizable Code Coaching to Highland Park and the North Shore.

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