Take a Break: Opt for Some ‘Me Time’ at Lash L’Heureux Coterie

May 23, 2018 | Humans of Highland Park Blog | Take a Break: Opt for Some ‘Me Time’ at Lash L’Heureux Coterie | 

When somebody tells you to relax, it’s easier said than done. Life can get pretty hectic for the most of us — from juggling work, school, children, daily commutes, among many other tasks — all we have to do is take a breath and find a moment for some ‘me’ time. Recently, I was invited to experience a facial at Lash L’Heureux Coterie. Esthetician Leslie McRae took great care of my skin and I felt like a brand new person. After receiving my facial treatment, I walked away with tips and methods on improving my skincare routine. It’s hard to explain how relaxed one will feel after the pampering is over with. Shockingly, I took a nap on a Friday night at 6 o’clock because of how relaxed I felt. All a person wants to do is relish the experience by throwing on some comfy pajamas, having a glass of wine, and totally vegging out.

I recently sat down with Brian L’Heureux, owner of Lash L’Heureux Coterie, for an exclusive Q&A about his boutique salon in Downtown Highland Park.

Tell us about Lash L’Heureux’s humble beginnings and where did the name come from?

When I, Brian L’Heureux, along with my mother, Dottie L’Heureux, decided to open our business back in 2010, we knew exactly what we would call it… Lash L’Heureux Coterie. Let us break down the name and tell you a little more about who we are:

  • Lash… Yes, we do lash extensions — but ironically my father, Adrian L’Heureux, was given the nickname Lash L’Heureux at a young age. There was a popular Western motion picture star of the 1940s and 1950s named “Lash LaRue”— and that is how you pronounce our last name. The name stuck with him his entire life. Often times, I get called “Lash” from those that are familiar with the Hollywood cowboy.
  • L’Heureux…Our family name is from French descent. The translation means “the happy one.”  The name is very fitting to our personalities. We love positive energy and want to bring a little bit of happiness to our family, friends and clients. Nothing makes us happier than having a few laughs with a client and see them leaving the salon with a smile on their face.
  • Coterie…the definition is “an exclusive group of people with a common interest, a high-end set, a clique.”  Beauty comes in all shapes and forms and “coterie” displays our common interest. Everyone deserves a little luxury and we want to bring that to our clients in the services we offer and the salon environment itself. If you aren’t aware of it yet, you will be. Our clients love beauty in every detail and are like a secret society that believe it is high maintenance to be low maintenance! The services we offer (lashes, brows and facials) give our customers an ease to their everyday routines because of the regular maintenance done at our salon.

What will a customer expect when receiving a facial?

When we moved into our larger location at Renaissance Place, we had room to expand our services and started to offer facials. Our top esthetician, Leslie McRae, is at the top of her game and provides the experience that is above and beyond a typical facial. She is knowledgeable and customizes each facial to each individual’s needs and goals. Using state of the art DermaSound and Ultrasonic Technology, Leslie treats skin conditions — from aging to acne and everything in between. She is also a very intuitive massage therapist that can sense a client’s tensions. While your enzyme treatments are doing their work, Leslie makes sure her touch puts you at ease. It is hard to describe the level of relaxation — it is something you just have to encounter yourself. Our custom facial experience costs $125 and is recommended every four weeks for both short-term skin care goals and long-term preventative maintenance.

Describe Leslie’s experience:

Leslie is a licensed esthetician and massage therapist with over 25 years of experience in both fields. Her extensive training is not only in the salon setting, but also in the clinical and medical fields. Her facials and massages provide our clientele with the best experience of achieving results and relaxation, all in one session. She is passionate about educating and empowering her clients on methods to better care for their skin, body, and overall wellness. Leslie creates both inner and outer beauty by balancing both health and beauty with her nurturing approach combined with the essentials of science.

What does it mean to own a business in Downtown Highland Park?

We have always had a connection to Chicago’s North Shore and have always felt at home here. Downtown Highland Park has always had an active, community feel. Our clients come from all over the North Shore, the City of Chicago, the Western Suburbs, and even some travel from out of state. We take pride in the services we offer, but if it weren’t for our vibrant community, clients might not be quick to travel so far. That is why we chose Downtown Highland Park to open the premier lash salon on the North Shore.


Contact Info:

For more information / to book an appointment, visit www.lashlheureux.com or call 847-748-8749.

Lash L’Heureux is located in the Renaissance Place at 1849 Green Bay Rd. Highland Park, IL 60035.

Questions? Email Brian@LashLHeureux.com.


Written by Ariana Pup, Marketing Director of Downtown Highland Park

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