Sheryl Stationery Station

Imagine being surrounded by happy occasions 99% of the time!  Sheryl Oberman, the owner of Stationery Station, is that lucky lady.  As Stationery Station celebrates their 40th Anniversary, Sheryl took a moment to reflect upon her business over the years.

Family and friends have been interwoven throughout her business life.  Sheryl started Stationery Station with her friend (purchasing a stationery store in Highland Park) just after having her daughter.  As their location moved around Downtown, Sheryl fondly remembers her daughter playing in the store after school, creating her own “girl club” headquarters inside.

Located in Port Clinton Square for the last 16 years, Sheryl enthuses her love for paper – no matter what format – invitations, notecards, notepads – she loves the design, the processes, and the paper itself.  Filled with creativity, Sheryl and her staff fulfill people’s visions and dreams for the occasions that are important milestones in their lives.

Stationery Station customers say “Stationery Station is where every creative spirit goes for nourishment.”  Over forty years, Sheryl and her staff have built a loyal following due to Sheryl’s mantra: “Service Without Fail”.  Sheryl’s dedication has resulted in forty years of happy clients.  Beyond that, Sheryl’s mantra has extended beyond her business to our City.  Sheryl is not only a business owner in Highland Park, but she is a resident, and she has dedicated time to our City through the Business and Economic Development Commission.  Sheryl embodies “Service Without Fail” in everything that she does.

To celebrate their 40th, Stationery Station will have 10 Days of Giveaways followed by their annual stationery sale.  Go to Stationery Station’s Facebook page starting April 3rd to enter to win some creatively fun giveaways.  Stop by Stationery Station and help them celebrate!