Pulse Fitness – Transform Yourself

Pulse Fitness (Open 11/14)

Is the cold weather slowing you down?  Or maybe you’ve got big plans for Spring Break.  Or perhaps you want to move beyond those last ten pounds post-baby (it’s okay – many of us have been there!) or you want to regain your fitness.  If you’re tired of feeling tired, Pulse Fitness is rounding up anyone looking to transform themselves – just in time for New Year Resolutions.  The Pulse Fitness team and those that exercise there will be your champion and your biggest fan.

In November, “The Box” on First Street in Highland Park evolved into Pulse Fitness – a place where fitness is physically and mentally challenging and personal transformation occurs every day.  All instructors are National Academy of Sports Medicine certified and will help you with your personalized comprehensive solution.

Did you know that 70% of exercise programs fail?  Not at Pulse Fitness!  You can transform yourself with their 21 Day Detox Plan, Boxing, Team Weight Loss, or Bootcamp classes.  Have you ever walked into a fitness class for the first time and were actually welcomed?!?!?  Class members at Pulse offer support and camaraderie so that you’re never without the team you need to achieve your goals, whether it’s weight loss, strength or overall fitness.

Even better, the Pulse team will find the coach that best fits you and your needs.  Patrick was a paratrooper and MMA competitor, teaching members grit and individual nutrition.  Aimee is a former teacher, connecting with kids of all ages to help them feel confident and self-assured through fitness.  Erik is a multi-sport athlete, sharing his knowledge of physiology to improve clients’ health and wellness.  Lastly, Jennifer, a Tae Kwan Do black belt, brings cardio fun to her classes so that time flies by – it’s always great when your workout is fun and fabulous!

Curious?  Know that you can do it – you can be part of the 30% with a successful fitness plan.  Find your inner tough and visit Pulse Fitness to get the results you deserve!