HP Tops has been the place to go in Highland Park for camp t-shirts, high school club apparel and more now for 40 years.  A true family-owned and operated business, the family spends their days creating unique items for families throughout the North Shore.

Located at 667 Central Avenue, HP Tops is housed in what was once Highland Park’s City Hall.  Generations of families have passed through these doors – first for city business and now for exclusive designs from HP Tops.  Though they offer an incredible range of complete design options, HP Tops will literally take anything and turn it into an image to emblazon your apparel – whether it’s t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, sweatpants, or sweatshirts.  Let your imagination run wild to conceive one-of-a-kind items (even if you need 25 of them for your lacrosse team!).

“From one family owned business to another, Ballet Makkai congratulates HP Tops on an amazing 40 years in business.  I loved HP Tops as a kid and I continue to love them for my business.  Their attention to detail and genuine care for the community they serve are a testament to Highland Park.  We are so lucky to have them – Happy 40th HP Tops!”, says Lilla Makkai Daniels of Ballet Makkai.

Personally, we at Downtown HP created t-shirts and magnets with them, while friends have designed sweatpants, sweatshirts and carry-all bags.  Stop in, say hello to one of our “Unique to HP” businesses; let your creativity flow and sit back while HP Tops images what you imagined!