love that spice father's day

Marlena, the owner of Love That Spice absolutely loves creating teas and spice blends that nourish and heal – it’s her work and her passion that she lives every day.  Like all of us, her life is hectic, and she has sworn to slow down a little bit in 2017.  Marlena states, “In 2017 I will slow down, and not let so many days and nights go by that I forget to take a walk, sip a cup of tea, cook with my family and friends, do a little yoga at Essential Evolution Holistic Wellness, be silly with my children and feel the sun on my face.”

Marlena’s life, business and practice are about connecting with others – bringing health, wellness and support through a kind word, and nurturing teas and spice blends that bring great flavors and nutrients to your cooking.  She is well-versed in the nutritional powers of turmeric, ginger and a host of other natural spices and herb blends.  Her anti-inflammation tea routinely sells out as quickly as she hand-blends each batch.

The uniqueness of the Love That Spice approach is refreshing and comforting.  An easy place for a scone, hot or iced tea or even a smoothie, customers routinely come in to chat or even enjoy a quiet place to work.  For those needing a stronger fix – Love That Spice will custom blend turmeric and ginger “shots” to scare off the most aggressive cold.

Love That Spice has the widest array of teas and yet has amazing barbecue rubs and other spice blends for chicken, fish or meat.  Marlena has become renowned for her private parties and classes.  Part dinner party, part cooking class, part nutrition education, the Love That Spice classes leave you with a full belly, a happy heart, and nutritional knowledge and expertise that you didn’t have before.

Go to Marlena’s website to learn more about her anti-inflammation classes, French cooking classes and more!