Modern Opulence


When Modern Opulence, a women’s boutique, opened on Central Avenue, owner Mary Andersen didn’t know what to expect.  Little did she know that two BFF’s would make Mary’s boutique their own.  Jackie Andalman is the owner of Fitness First.  Not only does Jackie call Highland Park home, but she operates her “Fitness First” classes at Soul2Sole in Downtown Highland Park.

The other half of the BFF pair is Carol Goldman.  Many know Carol since she is the Carol in “Carol’s Cookies” – amazingly delicious cookies the size of a dessert plate, sold at Sunset Foods and other locations.  These two entrepreneurial ladies and Highland Park residents have been best friends for over 50 years!

When these two women walk into Modern Opulence, it’s as if a ray of sunshine has walked in with them.  Mary says, “They are so close, and have such a beautiful friendship.  I feel like I never see one without the other – I get confused if I only see one of them at a time!”  These two ladies share smiles, hugs and stories with each other and with Mary every time they visit Modern Opulence.

Mary says, “It is such a joy to have them as clients.  We have such fun and they’ve come here loyally since we opened.  Ladies like these are the reason I opened my boutique in Highland Park.”  On this latest visit, Jackie tried on a t-shirt, and as she changed in the dressing room, Carol sneakily made the purchase!  As Jackie came to the register to pay, Mary handed her the gift bag with a smile while Carol laughed “Happy Birthday!”.

Friendship, fashion and fun erupt when these two get together!  Carol and Jackie are transplants to Highland Park, but have lived in the community for decades no matter the changes that life brings.   People like Carol and Jackie are what make Highland Park such an amazing community.  We were thrilled to get a chance to meet these friends as they shopped their way through Downtown Highland Park with a cascade of laughter rolling behind them.

Visit Jackie at Soul2Sole, get Carol’s Cookies at Sunset Foods, and of course say hello to Mary at Modern Opulence – each one will bring a ray of sunshine to you too!