A hidden find in Highland Park, Mizuki Grill is unusual in its pursuit of culinary precision.  Unlike most restaurants, bread is baked from scratch on a daily basis, sauces are lovingly nurtured instead of coming out of a jar, and soups are homemade and simmered to perfection.  The owners are a hard-working duo creating delicious, always-fresh food.

Not only is the “in-house” preparation a pleasant surprise, but the breadth of dishes available is extensive.  Mizuki Grill is known for their fresh sushi.  However, the surprise comes with the array of choices beyond sushi – steak, cheeseburgers, soups, salads, gluten-free options – there literally is something for everyone.  The common thread is that each dish is made from scratch with no “commercial kitchen” shortcuts.  Mizuki Grill will accommodate any dietary need or request!  During our visit, we had a butternut squash soup with rice dumplings that was velvety and smooth, literally shimmering with warmth.

If you are looking for an event space, another great surprise is the party room behind the main restaurant.  Recently renovated, there is space for 200 people.  Who knew!  Perfect for bar mitzvah celebrations, parties, graduations or business events, the space can be readily configured for your needs.  Mizuki Grill’s owners will work with you personally to ensure that the space and the menu fit exactly with your vision.

If you are simply looking for carryout, their sushi and teriyaki is spot-on.  We took home salmon rolls that contained delicious chunks of fresh salmon – rather than ground salmon, tuna rolls zinging with dabs of wasabi, and California rolls with crisply fresh cucumber.  The homemade bread was amazing – a dense crust on the outside with chewy warmth on the inside. Watch the magic HERE

We were impressed by the array of choices at Mizuki Grill – there is so much more than sushi!  Even more impressive is Mizuki Grill’s commitment to fresh food, where literally everything is made from scratch.