Feel Empowered When Dealing With Cancer!

September 26, 2018 | Humans of Highland Park Blog | Feel Empowered When Dealing With Cancer | By Lynn Nozicka, Wellness & Success Coach, and Cancer Survivor

As a cancer survivor, it became my top priority to be active in my treatment and the decisions that were made. Now, as a Wellness and Success Coach, I can provide the needed support, education, and encouragement to others! I have been in your position, let me help you! Even going back into the workforce, after an illness is challenging! You do not have to do it alone.

What do you do when you get down? Scared? Afraid? Cancer plays us like a puppet on a string. Emotionally we ride the roller coaster without being asked! Sometimes we receive conflicting information, which adds to our confusion. I feel that no one should be paralyzed by a cancer diagnosis. I will share my coping methods with you.

Having cancer is an enormous stress producer in our lives, on top of trying to respond to our family, jobs, and financial concerns. When you are going through your treatment of cancer, it can be traumatic both physically, and emotionally. It can also be a time for growth and healing!

I will create an environment of openness and acceptance, to help you create a vision for your health. I respect that the client is his or her own expert. By engaging the client in discussing their priorities, strengths, obstacles, and motivators, the possibility for doable and a sustainable health vision is increased. I use specific Non-Invasive techniques along with Coaching, such as Guided Imagery, Meditation, Hypnosis and NLP to help you:

• Establish your priorities

• Be confident about your decisions

• Reach your best possible state of wellness

• Reduce the fear of a recurrence of cancer

• Offer emotional support from diagnosis, to treatment, surgeries, and through recovery, and after.

I will encourage and champion you – both as a skilled Wellness Practitioner and cancer survivor I am available by phone, or in person. I provide contact with e-mail or telephone contact between sessions if needed. I can also provide other resources such as nutritionists, social workers, and counselors.

I want to give back because I am also a cancer survivor…I get it! I want to help you feel relaxed during your journey, diagnosis, treatment, and after any reconstruction, fear of reoccurrence, if it’s been some time since you went through any of this. I am offering a Buy One Session, Get One Free. Plus, get a one-hour success coaching or hypnosis session for $100.00 for 2 sessions. This a wonderful way to take care of yourself, as you become healthier or reinforce staying healthy.

Please call for a sample session at 847 254-8393, email info@lynnenozicka.com, or visit lynnenozicka.com.

Nozicka Center for Coaching & Hypnosis is located at 454 Central Ave. (#206) Highland Park, IL.