Dance HP in Concert Coalescence features 150  student dancers, student and professional choreographers and jazz musicians in a creative collaboration that offers an impressive array of dance and musical performances.  This performance series is one of many Highland Park High School traditions involving the Arts.  Starting March 9th, the three-day concert series occurs at 7:30 p.m. in the HPHS auditorium.

Lilla Daniels, the owner of Makkai Ballet, is one of several professional choreographers lending their talents to this amazing production.  “I’ve always cherished Highland Park for its love of the arts.  I feel incredibly lucky and honored to continue to share my love of the arts teaching ballet at our dance studio, Irina Makkai Classical Ballet and Dance School.  As a teacher and Creative Director of the school I’ve been able to share the art of ballet with thousands of young dancers.  For over a decade I’ve also been blessed to be a choreographer for the Highland Park High School Dance Show, where I have choreographed over 10 pieces for my Alma Mater.  It is truly inspirational that many of us come back home to share our journey as artists with the next generation.”

Lilla continues, “I began my involvement with the Dance Show in 1991 as a dancer and have come full circle with my involvement today as a choreographer.  These kinds of opportunities is what make Highland Park an exceptional place to live and work and encourage artist expression!”

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