Christine Davis is an artist – trained at the famous Art Institute of Chicago. She is a painter, textiles designer, and is well-versed in antique restoration.  However, a pivotal moment in her life led her from the art world to creative healing.  A devastating bicycle accident, where Christine was hit by a car, required a long, intense healing process.  During that journey, she met someone experienced in reflexology.  Intent on her own recovery, Christine researched reflexology and also studied gong fu, a Chinese martial art.

As she learned more, Christine began to start helping friends, using the techniques that she had researched and learned.  It was here that Christine found her passion.  She studied Chinese medicine theory and went to school for acupuncture.  Continually energized, she pursued a Master’s degree, studying in Beijing China for six months to focus on herbology.  While there, Christine realized how strongly integrated therapies are: herbal medicine and acupuncture are not “alternative” therapies – they are part of the integrated medical approach to the patient.

A Highland Park resident, Christine is now the Director of Acupuncture at Pulling Down the Moon.  PDTM utilizes strong therapy integration to help women with fertility issues, post-partum care, and other women’s issues.  Utilizing this cross-functional approach, women can improve egg quality, eliminate toxins, improve lactation, and support a successful pregnancy.

Christine loves the subtle art and science of acupuncture.  Each person is a unique individual, requiring a customized and intricate approach.  According to Christine, PDTM is women-owned, women-run, and a supportive environment where everyone looks out for each other.  It is the perfect place for Christine to maintain her creative approach to heal others.

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