Sheryl Stationery Station

Imagine being surrounded by happy occasions 99% of the time!  Sheryl Oberman, the owner of Stationery Station, is that lucky lady.  As Stationery Station celebrates their 40th Anniversary, Sheryl took a moment to reflect upon her business over the years.

Family and friends have been interwoven throughout her business life.  Sheryl started Stationery Station with her friend (purchasing a stationery store in Highland Park) just after having her daughter.  As their location moved around Downtown, Sheryl fondly remembers her daughter playing in the store after school, creating her own “girl club” headquarters inside.

Located in Port Clinton Square for the last 16 years, Sheryl enthuses her love for paper – no matter what format – invitations, notecards, notepads – she loves the design, the processes, and the paper itself.  Filled with creativity, Sheryl and her staff fulfill people’s visions and dreams for the occasions that are important milestones in their lives.

Stationery Station customers say “Stationery Station is where every creative spirit goes for nourishment.”  Over forty years, Sheryl and her staff have built a loyal following due to Sheryl’s mantra: “Service Without Fail”.  Sheryl’s dedication has resulted in forty years of happy clients.  Beyond that, Sheryl’s mantra has extended beyond her business to our City.  Sheryl is not only a business owner in Highland Park, but she is a resident, and she has dedicated time to our City through the Business and Economic Development Commission.  Sheryl embodies “Service Without Fail” in everything that she does.

To celebrate their 40th, Stationery Station will have 10 Days of Giveaways followed by their annual stationery sale.  Go to Stationery Station’s Facebook page starting April 3rd to enter to win some creatively fun giveaways.  Stop by Stationery Station and help them celebrate!



Random Holidays

We love silly, random holidays!  This week is particularly full of fun, random celebrations.  Monday, March 20th starts with Extraterrestrial Abduction Day.  If E.T. is coming for me, I’m running to Pulse Fitness – I’m confident that co-owners Amy and Patrick could fight them off (I mean, have you SEEN their pictures on Facebook)!  Check out Amy and Patrick’s great fitness classes at Pulse Fitness or visit them at 1892 First Street.  They will make you feel that great health and fitness is definitely within your reach.

March 20th is also the International Day of Happiness!  While you’re evading extraterrestrials, do something that makes you happy – grab lunch at Tomo Sushi (675 Central Avenue), get a manicure at Queens Nails (1896 First Street), shop at Uncle Dan’s (621 Central Avenue), or pick up the most classic of Chicago-style pizzas at Lou Malnati’s (1890 First Street).

Tuesday is “Tea for Two Tuesday”.  Bring your favorite “second” to Love That Spice at 1893 Sheridan Road.  Owner Marlena will bring you great tea, great snacks, and the biggest smile you’ve ever seen.  You can also order online at

Wednesday is National Goof Off Day – a perfect day for all ages!  Where would you goof off in our Downtown?  Country Kitchen for breakfast?  Michael’s for lunch?  Frost for an afternoon treat?  A movie at Renaissance Place’s Landmark Theatre?  You can email by Wednesday, March 29th to enter to win a $250 Landmark Theatre gift card!   Maybe a  yoga class at Shri Yoga?  There are so many choices . . .

Thursday is National Puppy Day – get your puppy fix at Orphans of the Storm on 468 Central Avenue.  In the City of Chicago alone, over 15,000 dogs were taken in by the city animal shelter in 2015.  Get in some puppy snuggles, perhaps drop off some treats, and maybe you’ll leave with your new best friend!

Personally, Friday is my favorite random holiday – National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day.  I love chocolate covered raisins and luckily for me I can get my favorite candy in multiple places.  On the East End, I can go to Confection Connection at 504 Central Avenue.  I can also go to Goodies on Central Avenue near Sprout Kids (652 and 644 Central Avenue correspondingly), or if I need to sneak it in with my grocery shopping, I can get chocolate covered raisins at Sunset Foods.  Maybe I’ll do all three – because chocolate covered raisins are amazing . . . .

Enjoy your week!


anthropologie linens spring 2017 anthropologie bright colors

Despite the freezing cold weather and latest surge of snow, Spring is just around the corner in Highland Park.  With Spring comes new Spring fashions and fun, new ways to update your wardrobe.    Perhaps you have a Spring wedding to attend, or maybe a high school or college graduation, so you know you’re looking for a dress, or you’ve got travel plans and are looking for key separates to make packing a breeze.  But how do you know where to start?

If only someone would come to your closet and help put together the look or series of separates that saves you and breathes life back into your wardrobe!  After all, we don’t all have a personal stylist to pull together what we need to look and feel our best.

Anthropologie is stepping up and offering a unique opportunity to do just that.

On Thursday, March 16th  from 6 – 8 pm, Anthropologie will have personal stylists on hand to give one-on-one guidance to women.  While you enjoy beverages and light bites, browse outfits showcased for inspiration, and get personalized advice based on your own needs.  With the support of the stylists, try on the newest trends – whether it’s an off-the-shoulder top, a jumpsuit, or bright spring colors.  It’s a great way to step outside of your comfort zone and have some fun!

Make it a girls night or come on your own – the stylists and staff at Anthropologie are looking forward to meeting you and curing your closet woes, or simply putting a little snap in your step.

To RSVP, please call Anthropologie at 847-681-0200 or sign up in-store.  Anthropologie is located on the corner of Green Bay Road and Central Avenue:  1780 Green Bay Road


Dance HP in Concert Coalescence features 150  student dancers, student and professional choreographers and jazz musicians in a creative collaboration that offers an impressive array of dance and musical performances.  This performance series is one of many Highland Park High School traditions involving the Arts.  Starting March 9th, the three-day concert series occurs at 7:30 p.m. in the HPHS auditorium.

Lilla Daniels, the owner of Makkai Ballet, is one of several professional choreographers lending their talents to this amazing production.  “I’ve always cherished Highland Park for its love of the arts.  I feel incredibly lucky and honored to continue to share my love of the arts teaching ballet at our dance studio, Irina Makkai Classical Ballet and Dance School.  As a teacher and Creative Director of the school I’ve been able to share the art of ballet with thousands of young dancers.  For over a decade I’ve also been blessed to be a choreographer for the Highland Park High School Dance Show, where I have choreographed over 10 pieces for my Alma Mater.  It is truly inspirational that many of us come back home to share our journey as artists with the next generation.”

Lilla continues, “I began my involvement with the Dance Show in 1991 as a dancer and have come full circle with my involvement today as a choreographer.  These kinds of opportunities is what make Highland Park an exceptional place to live and work and encourage artist expression!”

For more information, go to the Highland Park High School website at

For more information about Irina Makkai Ballet, go to