HP Bank Invite

If you’re getting ready to sell your home, the prime sales season is quickly approaching.  It’s normally a nerve-wracking experience, and in the current environment, it is even crazier than usual.  Don’t let the groundhog dictate your sales price!  By preparing to sell your house now, you will be ready to seize the opportunity.

At Highland Park Bank & Trust, attend a free presentation to educate yourself on the upcoming real estate sales season.  5:30 pm on Thursday, February 2nd, enjoy light refreshments while you relax and prepare.  Real estate broker Marla Forbes and two Wintrust Mortgage experts, Michael Goldstein and Roy Hughes, will discuss current housing market trends.  Even more importantly, they will discuss how you can improve selling times and the sales price of your home.

Marla, Michael and Roy bring expertise in real estate sales and marketing, residential mortgages and residential appraisals.  Get ALL of your questions answered, and fully prepare to optimize your home sale experience.


Attend this FREE event at a true community bank:

Highland Park Bank & Trust  1949 St. John’s Avenue

Thursday, February 2nd, 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM

RSVP at: or (847) 432-9988




Yummy Bowl Interior

Chinese New Year is on Saturday, January 28th and is celebrated for 7 days.  It is also known as the “Spring Festival”.  We in Chicago can certainly relate to a yearning for Spring to start!

This year is the Year of the Rooster, and the Chinese New Year is a time for families to get together and enjoy their time with each other.  The New Year’s dinner is the most important meal of the year, where multiple generations of family gather together to have a good time and enjoy good food.

This year, start your own family tradition and celebrate Chinese New Year at Yummy Bowl.  Yummy Bowl’s excellent food, good value and exceptional service is the choice of the North Shore.  Focusing on both Chinese and Thai food, Yummy Bowl has the advantage of having something for everyone.  In addition, owner Theresa Chang has created an extensive gluten-free Chinese-Thai menu.

If you don’t want to go out into the cold, Yummy Bowl delivers to Highland Park and surrounding communities.  Choose to celebrate Chinese New Year and try something new at Yummy Bowl, located at 1908 Sheridan Road.  Yummy Bowl welcomes you and your family to use Chinese New Year as an “excuse” to bring your family and enjoy some time together in your busy lives!


Modern Opulence


When Modern Opulence, a women’s boutique, opened on Central Avenue, owner Mary Andersen didn’t know what to expect.  Little did she know that two BFF’s would make Mary’s boutique their own.  Jackie Andalman is the owner of Fitness First.  Not only does Jackie call Highland Park home, but she operates her “Fitness First” classes at Soul2Sole in Downtown Highland Park.

The other half of the BFF pair is Carol Goldman.  Many know Carol since she is the Carol in “Carol’s Cookies” – amazingly delicious cookies the size of a dessert plate, sold at Sunset Foods and other locations.  These two entrepreneurial ladies and Highland Park residents have been best friends for over 50 years!

When these two women walk into Modern Opulence, it’s as if a ray of sunshine has walked in with them.  Mary says, “They are so close, and have such a beautiful friendship.  I feel like I never see one without the other – I get confused if I only see one of them at a time!”  These two ladies share smiles, hugs and stories with each other and with Mary every time they visit Modern Opulence.

Mary says, “It is such a joy to have them as clients.  We have such fun and they’ve come here loyally since we opened.  Ladies like these are the reason I opened my boutique in Highland Park.”  On this latest visit, Jackie tried on a t-shirt, and as she changed in the dressing room, Carol sneakily made the purchase!  As Jackie came to the register to pay, Mary handed her the gift bag with a smile while Carol laughed “Happy Birthday!”.

Friendship, fashion and fun erupt when these two get together!  Carol and Jackie are transplants to Highland Park, but have lived in the community for decades no matter the changes that life brings.   People like Carol and Jackie are what make Highland Park such an amazing community.  We were thrilled to get a chance to meet these friends as they shopped their way through Downtown Highland Park with a cascade of laughter rolling behind them.

Visit Jackie at Soul2Sole, get Carol’s Cookies at Sunset Foods, and of course say hello to Mary at Modern Opulence – each one will bring a ray of sunshine to you too!


love that spice father's day

Marlena, the owner of Love That Spice absolutely loves creating teas and spice blends that nourish and heal – it’s her work and her passion that she lives every day.  Like all of us, her life is hectic, and she has sworn to slow down a little bit in 2017.  Marlena states, “In 2017 I will slow down, and not let so many days and nights go by that I forget to take a walk, sip a cup of tea, cook with my family and friends, do a little yoga at Essential Evolution Holistic Wellness, be silly with my children and feel the sun on my face.”

Marlena’s life, business and practice are about connecting with others – bringing health, wellness and support through a kind word, and nurturing teas and spice blends that bring great flavors and nutrients to your cooking.  She is well-versed in the nutritional powers of turmeric, ginger and a host of other natural spices and herb blends.  Her anti-inflammation tea routinely sells out as quickly as she hand-blends each batch.

The uniqueness of the Love That Spice approach is refreshing and comforting.  An easy place for a scone, hot or iced tea or even a smoothie, customers routinely come in to chat or even enjoy a quiet place to work.  For those needing a stronger fix – Love That Spice will custom blend turmeric and ginger “shots” to scare off the most aggressive cold.

Love That Spice has the widest array of teas and yet has amazing barbecue rubs and other spice blends for chicken, fish or meat.  Marlena has become renowned for her private parties and classes.  Part dinner party, part cooking class, part nutrition education, the Love That Spice classes leave you with a full belly, a happy heart, and nutritional knowledge and expertise that you didn’t have before.

Go to Marlena’s website to learn more about her anti-inflammation classes, French cooking classes and more!